Top 10 Songs Pre-Corona 2020

**** BONUS **** Ringtone – 100 gecs (feat. Charli XCX, Rico Nasty, Kero Kero Bonito)


This was the collab I never knew I needed. I’m putting it as a bonus because have you ever seen a top 11 list? No? Well me neither. This POWER-house collab features Charli XCX on lead vocals who also gives ASMR like whispers towards the end of the song. The song feels somewhat cartoonish and is super catchy.

10. My Friends Online – ELIO

This pop song grapples with the addictiveness of social media and how some online connections lack true emotional depth. The perceptive lyrics focus on how Gen Z is especially invested in people’s lives (or the ~virtual~ aspects of them).

9. Stupid Love – Lady Gaga

Finally. The single is quintessential Gaga – a hard beat, slick production, and powerful vocals. “Stupid Love” is an anthem: loud and cathartic. The hook, chorus, and repeated “look at me’s” make for a modern hit.

8. Wish You Were Sober – Conan Gray

Conan Gray started on YouTube posting videos when he was just 9 years old in 2013. Released a couple days before his debut album Kid Krow was dropped, this single finds Conan wishing for someone that will tell him they like him (even when they’re sober). The upbeat production and honesty of the lyrics are extremely compelling from such a young androgynous artist.

7. You Never Let Go – Kainalu & Munya

French vocalist Munya teams up with Kainalu on this breezy post-chillwave song. The dreamy vocals pair really well with a resonant sliding guitar. The catchy melody feels weightless and makes for the perfect chill vibe.

6. Need Your Love – Tennis

Coming up on ten years as a band, soft pop/rock band Tennis deliver an exceptional album Swimmer with lead single “Need Your Love”. Lead singer XX writes that the song felt very “assertive” and that “it’s one of my favorite songs we’ve written, and it felt like it was pouring out of me”.

5. Party – Planet 1999

I just found this band and they are AMAZING. They were actually discovered by electronic producer AG Cook. He paired them with Charli XCX to produce her song “February 2017”. After working with her, they were signed to AG’s record label PC Music. Their new album Devotion is heavily influenced by shoegaze, dream pop, and bubblegum pop stars.

4. The River – Goth Babe

Ok I’ve been a big Goth Babe fan for some time now, but NO ONE knows him!! Seriously check this guy out. “The River” is A1 indie pop: catchy, synthy, and wonderfully produced. The chorus, in which Goth Babe talks about wanting to hold his significant other’s hand, will be stuck in your head for days. trust.

3. Girls just want to have fun – Bladee (feat. Ecco2k)

Ecco2k served on his album E and now he is back with cloud-rapper Bladee. The upbeat song and autotuned vocals grapple with their respective yearnings to be both wanted and forgotten. Tragic 😦 Hazy, ethereal vocal harmonies layer the avant pop track, exploring ideas of lust, love, and relationships.

2. Boss Bitch – Doja Cat

You’re probably sick of the chorus from the endless stream of TikToks on the for you page, but this song definitely slaps enough to earn the #2 spot. Such a banger. Doja’s sassy voice and powerfully confrontational lyrics groove to the hardest beat you’ve ever heard. This is the kind of song that makes you walk totally different. And that’s on a period.

1. La vita nuova – Christine and the Queens (feat. Caroline Polachek) !!!!

This song…. This ep…. If you are into electro-pop, you HAVE to check it out. The verses in Italian are a passionate affirmation of love, but the chorus in English confronts the sly “heartbreaker”. The song is raw, emotional, and most importantly, such a bop to tap your foot to.

Hope this list gets you through quarantine and cures your madness 🙂

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