Heavy Rotation in Quarantine

**nothing like a lil escapism through music**

Sky Kisses (на танцполе) – Kedir Livanskiy

I shazamed this song in a club in Mykonos and recently rediscovered it. If you like house music and groovy synths, you need to check this out.

Alone Again & Too Late – The Weeknd

Why does the new Weeknd album slap so hard? I do not know. But listening to these 2 songs actually makes me feel like an Egyptian prince. With the perfect blend of dream pop, new wave, and R&B, these songs make you long for so much yet feel extremely powerful in the moment.

Swimmer – Tennis

I briefly talked about the new Tennis album in my last music post: https://thecollegegay.com/2020/03/21/top-10-songs-pre-corona-2020/. If you missed it *I hate you* but check it out. This song has become my favorite on the album. Easily one the most immersive tracks, lead singer Alaina Moore dreadfully laments: “some summer you have planned for me. Look at all these tourists as they flock to the sea”.

Emotion – Carly Rae Jepsen

Just yesterday, someone asked in a totally non-pretentious high school radio group chat “what ever happened to Carly Rae Jepsen?” What do you mean!? Carly is more relevant than ever. On her critically acclaimed album, Carly’s titular, upbeat pop song makes you want to dance with all your friends. Too bad you’re alone because you’re in quarantine 😦

Carly Rae Jepsen performs in Las Vegas, Nevada in January 2018.

Controller – Channel Tres

This song is super ~vibey~. The smooth vocals and bouncing synths are fun. The song feels very summery and makes you want to drive on Ventura Blvd with the top down.

Underneath it All – No Doubt (feat. Lady Saw)

Gwen Stefani is such a legend. What an underrated No Doubt song.

End Summer – Goth Babe

Straight off of Goth Babe’s new EP “Mt. Bachelor”! As always, the song is super catchy and rhythmic.

Today – Far Caspian

If you are a lil indie boy or lil indie girl, check this one out. The catchy guitar and brooding vocals are impressionistic. With relatable lyrics like “Get off your phone… And oh how I miss my friends. I hate to feel alone”, you will find yourself thinking about your own tedious days.

Diamond in the Dark – Liz (feat. Slayyyter)

Essential Y2k pop. Liz and Slayyyter deliver shimmery, bubblegum pop with a hard beat.

Hawaii – Blackbird Blackbird

This song feels very ethereal featuring airy vocals and a fresh, electronic beat.

Flacko – Cosha

Woozy uptempo electro-pop produced by her mate Mura Masa.

In the Next Life – Kim Petras

Off of her Halloween project, this theatrical song is pop meets house. In an interview with OUT Magazine she declared: “Just a very theatrical, Freddy Mercury-inspired song about being in the next life and accepting that you’re evil. My character on the mixtape is kind of a killer… It’s just evil Kim attacking me and I can’t stop her from coming through.”

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