Alt vs Straight Tik Tok? And how Avani is Involved

If you don’t know what “Alt Tik Tok” is, you’re probably not a part of it. In fact, you’re probably a part of “Straight Tik Tok”, or the part of the popular app where creators post mainstream dance trends like “Wipe it Down” and “Throw it Back”.

You’re probably a little confused about what mainstream dance trends have anything to do with sexuality.. Honestly, me too. One Twitter user @rileycollinz says, “straight tiktok is more just the dancing hype side of tiktok while gay/alt tiktok would be more gen z humor, talking about trauma and how terrible your life is, and making fun of people. It’s more what you like [than] your sexuality.”

Recently, popular creator Avani Gregg made controversy after being trapped by Alt Tik Tok. One alt user made a fake audio to mock the trends on Straight Tik Tok and Addison Rae and Avani fell for it. 

Avani responded in a now-deleted tweet, saying, “it’s to show that ‘straight’ people will dance to anything and this audio was basically made to make fun of people who dance to thirst traps and random noises. that’s why it’s called ‘straight tiktok.'”

She also posted these tweets (which have been deleted):

Some users, such as the one depicted below, have fired back:

And some users have been comparing Straight Tik Tok to straight people wanting to join the LGBTQ community but feeling left out.

Even though it’s good to see many minority creators have a platform they are comfortable on and proud of, I feel like these sort of statements are overly simplistic and problematic.

Just because some people want to use their quarantine to make “dumb” dance videos, does not mean they wish they were a part of the gay community. I mean come on Twitter :/

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