Kedr Livanskiy “Your Need” Review: Hypnotic Electro-House

Hailing all the way from Moscow, Russia, Livanskiy’s Your Need is dazzling, hypnotic electro-house.

On Your Need, Livanskiy works with producer Flaty who constructs rave-oriented beats that land under the four minute mark. Although a lot of Russian dance songs usually last a bit longer, the shortness and crispness of these tracks make them super catchy.

In terms of notable tracks, “Sky Kisses” is a fan favorite with drizzling synths and a beat to make your head nod unconsciously. The ethereal vocals carry the track off the dance-floor and into some airy realm above. “Bounce 2” is a charged banger with echoing vocals and a frantic rhythm. The BPM nearly hits 150. 

“City Track” fluctuates around the ears with baby-like vocals and piercing melodies. It is futuristic and even feels a little sinister. One of the hardest hitting tracks, “Ivan Kupala” feels deeply shoegaze-y. But where many shoegaze tracks whine and feel bleak, Livanskiy’s closing song is optimistic. It feels like a happy future far away (one where everyone dances on clouds).

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