Bearcubs ‘Early Hours’ Review

Berlin-based indie-electronic musician Bearcubs has been making waves with his sophomore LP Early Hours. Although the LP covers a lot of different genres, there is a consistent unique and personal sound, filled with meticulously crafted synths and beats.

On “Overthinking”, steel drums contribute to a melodic sound with “narou” on vocals. On Méme Language, Canadian pop singer Munya sings amid an upbeat and steady percussion. The song is perfect for summer with a very relaxed tone.

In an interview with Dancing Astronaut, Bearcubs said: “ [Méme Language] was inspired a bit by ‘The good, the bad, le bien, le mal’ by Guru and MC Solaar. I wanted to make a 90s dance track but done in more of a modern way and combined with lyrics in two different languages. That sound has a real kind of nostalgia for me that I wanted to indulge. For the album it was about going back to a lot of influences from my youth, for example the 90s house and hip-hop my brother introduced me to and some of the jazz fusion records my dad would play. Then mixing these with newer influences, so each track feels a bit like a snapshot in time.”

Not only is Bearcubs’s production smooth and perfectly layered, but his soothing voice blends in  exquisitely with each track. Bearcubs says his vocals “make the sound recognizably me, whatever the style is beneath”. 

He is expected to go on tour soon. 

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