18 Products That Will Help Make Quarantine More Fun

  1. A video projector that’s compatible with your laptop, Roku, PlayStation, or Xbox and can turn any room into a movie theater
A video projector set up, projecting a movie in the dark in someone's back yard.

Get it on Amazon for $79.99

2. A sorbet machine to transform your fave fruits like bananas, strawberries, or mangos into a sweet, dairy-free treat. (all the removable parts are dishwasher-safe so cleaning up is super easy)

Yonanas sorbet maker with a bowl of just-made sorbet.

Get it on Amazon for $45.86

3. Or a DIY bath bomb set so you can turn your bathtub into a relaxing at-home spa

Five pink bath bombs in their molds.

Get it on Amazon for $18.99

4. A mini inflatable pool in a colorful watermelon design to keep your summer cool and fun

Target is Selling Designer Inflatable Pools for Only $39.99

Get it on Amazon for $24.77

5. How about a ceramic coloring map mug that you can fill in with all the states you’ve traveled to and add new spots as you explore the US

Amazon.com: Running Ceramic Coffee Mug | States I've Run Outline: Kitchen &  Dining

Get it on Amazon for $14.99

6. You need this soft-serve maker that makes refreshing frozen deserts with the click of a button

Get it on Amazon for $99.99

7. A build-your-own succulent terrarium that you can plant yourself and add some life to your home

Two succulents potted in a glass terrarium with pebbles.

Get it on Amazon for $22.95

8. A tie dye kit so you can design t-shirts, sweatshirts, and more in summer 2020’s hottest trend

A tie dye kit featuring dozens of colors.

Get it on Amazon for $25.44

9. A super slide that’s large enough for kids and adults to enjoy. It hooks up to your sprinkler and turns your backyard into an amusement park!

A super slide set up right in front of a lake.

Get it on Amazon for $129.99

10. A cocktail grow kit which includes seed packets like thyme, lavender, mint, and more for delicious craft drinks

Cocktail Garden Kit

Get it on Amazon for $26.99

11. A bluetooth karaoke microphone that connects to your computer or phone and makes the living room into a party room

The Bonaok portable kareoke microphone in rose gold.

Get it on Amazon for $25.49

12. An electric s’mores maker so you can make your favorite summer treat without a campfire

The s'mores maker

Get it on Amazon for $29.99

13. A foot spa bath massager with temperature control so you can give yourself salon-quality pedicures at home

An at-home, portable spa pedicure bath massager.

Get it on Amazon for $69.98

14. An easy-to-use and affordable pasta maker that helps you make amazingly fresh fettuccine, spaghetti, ravioli, and lasagna noodles from scratch!

Fresh egg pasta being rolled in the pasta maker.

Get it on Amazon for $36.99

15. Or candle-making kit to make 4 relaxing, scented candles and turn your home into a zen sanctuary

Four different colored candles burning.

Get it on Amazon for $59.99

16. A Tamagotchi game – a bit more low-maintenance than adopting a dog, but you can still nurture it like a pet

Hands holding a blue pastel Tamagotchi ON game.

Get it on Amazon for $19.99

17. A full watercolor set that provides you with 24 different paints, 20 pieces of high-quality paper, 3 different sized brushes, and a palette so you can unleash your inner Picasso.

Watercolors, a pad of paper, and a color palette for mixing shades.

Get it on Amazon for $49.99

18. A DIY hot sauce making kit so you can make your own condiments. Spice up anything from eggs to tacos!

Seven kinds of homemade hot sauce bottled in front of the hot sauce making kit.

Get it on Amazon for $54.95

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