Youtube Spotlight: Mike's Mic

Thought I would share the best YouTube account I have come across in a minute. This Australian gentleman truly has blown up recently. He has doxed the platform’s algorithm multiple times but it seems that now it is serving him pretty well. Computer programmer gone rogue, Mike edits all of his videos with finesse. He frequently mentions how he got his master’s degree (now a running joke among subscribers and himself). 

But Mike’s speciality is treating the most superfluous, meaningless, absurd content as if it is the most important thing in the world. And because of this… He is fucking hilarious. The first video I came across of his was: “ranking childhood shows (please don’t attack me)”. In this video, Mike spends over 24 minutes, analyzing and sorting through nostalgic television shows. In order, the tier list is sorted by Legendary, Iconic, Global top 50, I don’t know her, and DESCCSTANG. He also has tier list videos on “Ranking the days of the month”, “Ranking pictures of Dr Phil (someone had to do it)”, and “Ranking Glee characters from flop to icon (Mr. Schuester is my sleep paralysis demon)”. 

Mike also has a series called “Essential Viewing” in which he shares and reacts to popular reality tv. One of his best videos involves reacting to “THE AMSTERDAM FIGHT (the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills)”, in which rich white women escalate a fight to the point of throwing wine ** it is a MUST watch **. What makes Mike’s videos so engaging is his cartoonish editing and quick wit. He is deeply self-aware, observant, and has helped cultivate a newfound love for Britney Spears’s online presence. 

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