Dating Apps & AIDS: Are MSM Apps Helping Or Hurting?

For many of us, Grindr has helped us experiment sexually and find ourselves. 

Dating apps have been instrumental in creating communities where LGBTQ individuals can feel comfortable in their identities and interact with others similar to them.

But like everything, MSM apps have a dark side. And I’m not talking about that cryptic, anonymous “Masc4masc” profile that only shows an upper torso. 

Did you know that gay and bisexual men who use Grindr report more sexual risk behavior, more sex partners, and a higher rate of STI’s. Scary! I know.

But on the bright side, they are also more likely to either already be using pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) or willing to do so and had a lower rate of HIV diagnosis. Phew.

It’s this dichotomy that really makes us wonder.. Do gay dating apps have a net positive or negative on our mental and physical health as a community?

Does Grindr encourage safe sex practices or does it inherently promote risky sexual behavior with causual hookups?

What is the future of these applications? 

Are these apps helping to increase or decrease stigma of the gay male communnity?

These are all questions I will try to answer in this special The College Gay investigation..

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